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What clients do you work with?

I work with a diverse group of business owners, entrepreneurs, activists, and dreamers. My clients include restaurant groups, independent restaurants and bars, tax-exempt organizations, non-profits organizations, directors and officers, restaurateurs, chefs, mixologists, influencers, and all others who are part of the hospitality and non-profit industries.


I also represent clients outside of the hospitality and non-profit industries. Other industries share the same legal issues. I help if I can. 

Ultimately, I am a business attorney. 

How do you bill?

I provide flat-fee and hourly-based billing structures. Payment plans are available.

Does your firm handle litigation?

Only in certain circumstances. 

Is this firm a legal aid non-profit?

No. This firm is not a non-profit organization. I work with non-profit organizations.

Do you charge for a consultation?

Yes. I charge $99 for a 30 minute consultation.


Is your law firm virtual?

Yes! And I am very proud of that. Working virtually helps me decrease my environmental footprint. Plus, it saves costs, which I can pass on to my clients. And I get to see more of my wife, puppies, and kitten. Everyone wins!

How do you meet with clients?

I've found that my clients prefer to meet over the phone or via Zoom. There is more flexibility for all parties when no one has to travel. On few occasions, I have met with clients, but that is not the norm.


What do I need to get started?

Contact me via the "Contact" page, and we will arrange a consultation. 

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That's understandable. Choosing a law firm can be daunting.

Connect with John if you want to learn more about working with him. 

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